You may have a smaller and less known law firm and you may not have a large marketing budget. That does not mean you cannot compete and beat larger law firms when it comes to local search. Smaller firms and businesses websites can target opportunities big companies and sites cannot.

Big Companies and Websites Have Some Big Advantages:

  • Domain Authority – Generally the 1st business one sees when searching
  • Trustworthiness – The public recognizes and trusts the brand or product.
  • Financial Resources – Financial ability to build an elaborate website

But, Smaller Websites Have Their Advantages as Well:

  • Agility – You can invest in something this week and invest in something completely different the next.
  • Creativity – There is no corporate roadmap to follow.
  • Focus – You can focus on one effort at a time.
  • Niche Appeal – A small business can focus exclusively on one niche or practice area at a time.
  • Authenticity – A small brand can build strong associations.

How to Compete with the Major Players When Building Your Website:

  • Use Long–Tail Keywords – For example, “Florida lawyer for car accident”.
  • Use Comparison Keywords – Smaller businesses can compare one business to another.
  • Use Editorial Keywords – Smaller businesses can rank products and services.
  • Target a Local Audience – Attend local events in the community.
  • Use local reviews on sites such as Yelp.
  • Focus on a specific practice area to conjure up brand association. Ex. employment law, or personal injury.
  • Provide more content about the niche or practice area you are focusing on building brand awareness, loyalty and credibility.
  • Build personal relationships with your clients and maintain them. A bigger company will not have this opportunity.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization – If you know what you are doing with local SEO or can hire a business that specializes in local SEO, you can eventually outrank them on page 1 of Google Map search results above larger companies.

It is important for small businesses and law firms to be strategic with geographic location and agility in their quest to rank higher in searches. Remember, there are many online resources and businesses promising to build your business’ website, but Law Firm Marketing Pros is your trusted resource on building a brilliant website that will rank your law firm in maps on page 1 of Google.

Don’t let your competitors take customers that can be yours. Stand out by ensuring that your business lands on page 1 of Google when a search is done for a product or service you provide.Can you afford to NOT be easily found when your potential customers search online? Get in touch with Law Firm Marketing Pros today to see what exciting solutions we can provide for you and your growing business.


We are your digital marketing partner that produce results using innovative and advanced approaches.  Schedule an appointment with us and see how we can make your Law Firm highly visible on major search engines. Our digital marketing team takes your business goals into account in formulating an effective strategy

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