JUPITER, Florida — Lawyers, what’s an attention economy and why does it demand disruptive video marketing if you want to achieve your goals? On Episode 13 of the Behind the Bench Podcast for Lawyers, Josh Konigsberg and his guest, Jaime Paredes, break it down.

Paredes, the guy behind EnterGage Videos and Instead of Billboards, has been doing video work since 1998, when he started working for a national Hispanic ad agency in Miami, Florida. He begins the interview by explaining, “My own superpower is creating engaging and differentiating videos for law firms and businesses that want to stand out in this really crowded marketplace.”

Konigsberg then asks, “What inspired you to pursue a career in marketing and then transition into video marketing?”

Paredes shares that since his early teens, he was more interested in Super Bowl ads than the Super Bowl itself. “I’ve always loved watching really good advertising,” he says. “I’m Canadian, by the way. I was more attentive to the commercials than the actual game. That transferred into my work for multiple ad agencies in Miami, and Corporate 500 companies in the area of marketing. I’ve always dabbled in video, but it wasn’t until I had my own company that I decided this is what I wanted to do.”

Konigsberg asks Paredes to explain more about EnterGage Video and his reasons for transitioning specifically to the law niche.

“EnterGage has been around for almost 14 years,” Paredes explains. “It started like a lot of businesses, with SEO, website design, some Google, and then fast forward, I got into Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Most of the platforms now are very video heavy. I’ve always had a video background because of my advertising agency background. I love writing, so I enjoy script writing. But more than anything else, I enjoy creating something from nothing. A lot of times, most people aren’t that creative. They want to do video, but they don’t know what to do or how to say it; how to represent themselves.

“That’s where we come in, and we want to be different. Nowadays, just speaking to the camera isn’t going to cut it because you’re competing against politicians, puppies, celebrities, and influencers. It’s an attention economy. Attention, attention, attention.”

“It’s more of a disruptive thing you’re talking about,” Konigsberg observes. “You have to disrupt their scroll to get their attention.”

“One-hundred percent. It’s stopping the scroll, and as a matter of fact, my system is called the Disruptive Video Marketing System. It’s disrupting the norm, what they’re seeing. The companies that do that well are not necessarily going to win, but they’re going to get that attention, which is the critical step one. Forget about how good your product is or how amazing your services are; if they can’t get someone’s attention, you’ve failed.”

“You still have EnterGage Videos, which provides services across multiple industries, but you’ve transitioned to Instead of Billboards. Can you speak to the audience about that? It speaks directly to my audience.”

“Working closely with you and a few other agencies that work with law firms, I decided that I want to work with personal injury, tort, and immigration,” Paredes explains. “A lot of these law firms are spending money on billboards. Some of them are spending it on TV ads, while social media and getting someone’s attention is…I don’t want to say radically different from TV, but there are nuances. YouTube is a great place to do research and see what other PI and immigration firms are doing on YouTube, to understand A: what they’re doing and B: what they’re spending. It’s surprising for a lot of people how much money the bigger firms are spending on YouTube. They’re getting a return on their investment.”

“That’s a great segue into, within the law niche, who’s the ideal customer, aside from immigration, PI, tort, is there a minimum size firm you might look for, or is there a certain avatar you like?” Konigsberg asks.

“I want to work with somebody who’s not afraid to go a little crazy. Not afraid to do something different. I want partners and law firms that aren’t afraid to move the needle,” Paredes says.

“A perfect example would be the video we created of you throwing piles of money at me. That’s a great disruptor,” Konigsberg notes.

“Exactly. What I love about that (the money video) is that you come across as very genuine. And at the end when you smile and joke, it comes across as ‘this guy’s the real deal.’ It’s hard to get somebody who isn’t comfortable in front of the camera to be comfortable in front of the camera. It’s a lot of practice. That genuineness is very important.”

“What is your unique selling proposition?” Konigsberg asks.

“Basically, what I do is the Disruptive Video Marketing System. It’s video that you’re not going to be getting from your typical agency, that’s going to have you talk to the camera about what it is you do and how you do it. No — we want to make sure that we have five, ten, fifteen videos that are radically different from everybody else. Then we have something called the Power Video. It’s anywhere from five to eight minutes. In it, we speak to the camera, but we’re telling a story. I like to always explain it as a webinar on steroids. A typical webinar is a lot of PowerPoints, a lot of text, maybe some graphics, but this is you speaking to the camera, usually, and in your case you’re very good on camera — being prompted by me, and my editors come in and we fill in the blanks with stuff happening around you, to tell a story.”

“It’s a StoryBrand video,” Konigsberg says.

For more crucial insights about how to be a disruptor and leverage the power of storytelling to engage your ideal clients, watch the full interview below.

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