Jupiter, FLORIDA—Josh Konigsberg, Host of the popular Behind the Bench Podcast for Lawyers, Partner and Co-founder of the award-winning digital marketing agency, Law Firm Marketing Pros, and author of the book, Law Firm Digital Marketing Made Easy: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Become a Best-Known Attorney, recently welcomed Alex Miranda to his show to discuss his new virtual staffing company, Virtrify. This marks the 12th episode of the increasingly popular podcast, which Konigsberg has been using as a platform to explore innovative marketing strategies and uncover best practices for lawyers and law firms through insightful discussions with industry leaders.

In the interview, Alex delves deeply into his extensive career in entrepreneurship, which includes founding multiple successful marketing and branding agencies over the past 20 years. He recalls how, early on, he was able to reduce costs substantially by sourcing work abroad. “When I discovered that I could source my graphic designers for my agency from the Philippines…and web designers from India, meanwhile I was paying guys 25-30 bucks an hour here in my physical agency here in Miami. And when I uncovered that, it just blew my mind how you could build an entire company, virtually,” Alex says.

Alex’s clients started asking him how to replicate his model. “My clients would come back and say, ‘Alex, it was terrible. I had a terrible experience, you know, I’m never doing that again,'” he explains. He realized that simply referring clients to individual remote workers was insufficient without proper guidance and management – a realization that inspired Alex Miranda to formally launch Virtrify.

“Law firms are turning to virtual teams to achieve cost effectiveness and strategically scale their operations,” Alex tells Konigsberg. Based in Miami, Virtrify recruits bilingual professionals from Latin America and handles all onboarding, oversight and management for its clients. Alex sees law firms proactively marketing their services as ideal partners for Virtrify.

Konigsberg supports this perspective, noting that some clients are experiencing such rapid growth that “they can’t keep up with the demand and they need more staffing.” 

Alex Miranda provides a compelling case study of how one Virtrify client, a foot and ankle surgeon, transformed his practice through the use of remote medical professionals. Struggling with a high turnover of on-site coordinators, the surgeon engaged Virtrify’s services. Virtrify recruited a medical school graduate from Venezuela who wanted to use her skills supporting the U.S. healthcare industry virtually. She now handles all inbound patient calls and scheduling from home, freeing up on-site staff to focus on in-person care. Additionally, Virtrify implemented a speech-to-text app that allows the surgeon to dictate notes after appointments for effortless documentation.

These solutions have provided immense benefits. The surgeon no longer spends late nights playing catch-up on paperwork as cases pile up. Patients receive timely pre-appointment confirmation and follow-up that was previously impossible. Staff frustrations from fielding medical questions have practically disappeared.

Most importantly, the surgeon can now devote full attention to surgery and patients during business hours. Alex passionately explains how Virtrify solves the types of struggles that plague overburdened medical practitioners. For doctors considering virtual options, Virtrify offers a proven model for reinventing operational efficiencies and improving work-life balance.

Concerning the challenges law firms face with staffing, Alex explains how Virtrify’s innovative solutions address these issues. He discusses leveraging talented remote professionals at half the typical cost to allow law firms to invest more in growth and achieve their goals.

Alex emphasizes that attorneys likely have additional innovative ideas they wish to pursue beyond their core legal work. “It’s very likely that this law firm practice has spawned another idea, another entrepreneurial venture that you have,” he says. However, growing an existing law practice can make executing on new ventures a challenge.

Here, Alex offers a valuable insight: “I executed on building my company Virtrify first. Because I had a brand new agency that was running at the same time, if you remember, I hired a CEO and [another] CEO… two from Latin America to press play on my vision.” Through Virtrify’s model, lawyers now have the ability to hire remote executives capable of spearheading brand new companies and visions on their behalf. As Alex explains, “We have access to people in Latin America that we can pay $2,500 a month and tell them, ‘Here’s my business idea. I’ve got resources, I’ve got money, I’ve got the vision, I need you to press play on it, be the CEO, and you bring this vision to life.’”

By finding talented professionals in Latin America willing to serve as CEOs for a fraction of domestic costs, attorneys can pursue entrepreneurial passions without detracting from their legal practices. As Alex notes, “We have this now at our fingertips. We don’t have to pay some crazy, huge consultant over here.” This powerful solution allows lawyers to expand their horizons far beyond the traditional limits of practicing law.

Alex’s timely advice underscores the transformational impact Virtrify can have for ambitious law firms. The interview provides listeners with a comprehensive look at how Virtrify addresses pressing challenges around staffing, virtual capabilities and entrepreneurism within the legal industry, offering crucial insights attorneys can apply to take their law practices to new heights.

The discussion concludes with Konigsberg asking Alex to share something most people don’t know about him. Alex reveals, “Most people don’t know that I was born in Landstuhl, Germany. This is where my dad was stationed. They stationed him in Germany, along with hundreds of thousands of other servicemen in the 70s and 80s that were sent to Germany. So I was born in Germany, even though I don’t know German.”

Konigsberg wraps up the episode by thanking Alex for his time. In a quote provided after the interview, Alex stated, “Hey, Josh, thank you for having me on the Behind the Bench Podcast. It’s been amazing to speak in dialogue with a true professional that I can relate to, because I also have a marketing agency background. You can tell how you really want to pour into law firm entrepreneurs and help them, not just with marketing tactics or ideas, but really bringing in other points of view that entrepreneurs in the law firm space would want them to know about.”

This Behind the Bench Podcast episode offers practical strategies on staffing, virtual capabilities, and taking entrepreneurial ambitions to new levels within the legal industry. Alex’s expertise at Virtrify and Konigsberg’s insights on law firm marketing offer lawyers and law firms proven strategies they can apply right away for greater success. 

Click below to watch the full interview.

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