JUPITER, Florida—Josh Konigsberg, Partner and Co-Founder of the award-winning digital marketing agency Law Firm Marketing Pros, recently joined The Chris Voss Show to discuss his book, Law Firm Digital Marketing Made Easy: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Become a Best-Known Attorney. Voss begins the interview by sharing Konisgberg’s impressive background and expertise in digital marketing, having worked in the industry for 26 years and co-founding the first financial search engine on the web in 1996. Today, as a member of the Seven Figure Agency, Konigsberg mentors other agency owners from across the globe.

Voss and Konigsberg discuss the history of Law Firm Marketing Pros before delving into the specifics of Konigsberg’s recently released book, now available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

When Voss asks what motivated him to write the book, Konigsberg explains, “In over ten years in digital marketing, I see the same questions over and over again, especially for law firms because they don’t spend any time in law school on marketing. Zero hours. The idea was to make it easy for them. Once they get into the nuts and bolts of how to do this stuff, it can get fairly complicated. We can be there to help them through it, or if they do it successfully, they’ll get real busy, in which case they won’t have time to keep up with it, so we’re here to help them along. Then you have your other law firms and attorneys who are really busy right now, are interested, read the book, then raise their hand and say, ‘Hey, help me.’”

Konigsberg describes it as a comprehensive explanation of digital marketing, except for apps, which don’t offer much of a benefit for the field of law. Among other digital marketing elements, Law Firm Marketing Made Easy: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Become a Best-Known Attorney deep dives into:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) – what it takes to rank on Google and other search engines
  • Google Business Profile – these three positions, on average, get 65 percent of all the clicks and conversions. It’s critical yet difficult to achieve because there are only three spots for any search query in that section.
  • Social Media – learning how to leverage social media helps drive more qualified leads.
  • Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click – this can be extremely expensive and offer a costly lesson to law firms when done wrong. Even some digital marketing agencies do this incorrectly, at their clients’ expense. Retargeting is vital because today, only two-and-a-half percent of people act the first time they see an ad.
  • YouTube and Video Content – this is becoming increasingly important for law firms.

Overall, Konigsberg describes the book as his effort to demystify digital marketing for lawyers and law firms. Voss notes, “I grew up in an age where, if you wanted to be a successful lawyer, you had to buy the back of the phone book. That’s all gone now. Now it’s all the internet.”

Listen to the full interview here, or watch it on YouTube here. You can purchase Law Firm Marketing Made Easy: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Become a Best-Known Attorney on Amazon on Kindle for $3.99 or in paperback for $17.95.

Visit Law Firm Marketing Pros at www.lawfirmmarketingpros.com.

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