JUPITER, Florida—Josh Konigsberg, Partner & Co-Founder of Law Firm Marketing Pros, an award-winning digital marketing agency for lawyers, proudly announces that the agency’s client, Speaks Law Firm, has won Revenue Rockstar for 2023 from 8 Figure Firm, a prestigious law firm consulting company. Clarke Speaks, Founder and Personal Injury Attorney, accepted the award during 8 Figure Firm’s Mastermind on January 18-20, 2024 in Austin, Texas.

8 Figure Firm offers services to help law firms set their vision, mission, and values, create business plans, set budgets, and explore real opportunities for growth. They specialize in law firm consulting services and have helped numerous law firms develop predictable yearly revenues of $10 million or more. The firm has a team of highly talented and skilled individuals who are passionate about creating consulting and marketing opportunities for the legal industry.

Each year the Revenue Rockstar award recognizes the law firm that has had the most gross revenue growth of over one hundred 8 Figure Firm members. Speaks Law Firm won the award for revenue growth for the calendar year 2023 with an amazing growth rate of 100%.

Speaks Law Firm joined Law Firm Marketing Pros as a client in April, 2022. Since then, the firm has seen meteoric growth by tripling their case acquisition, doubling their growth, as well as doubling the size of their team.

Firm owner Clarke Speaks said about winning the award, “Their strategic digital marketing not only dramatically increased the quality of our leads, but also the conversions and thus the predictability of the revenue. Law Firm Marketing Pros isn’t just about growing your business; they’re about improving your overall quality of life. Huge thanks to Josh, Andy, and their entire team for making it all possible!”

Speaks Law Firm CMO, Keith Dyer, was instrumental in developing the strategy and plan with Law Firm Marketing Pros that led to this amazing accomplishment. Dyer said, “Law Firm Marketing Pros’ commitment to customer service goes above and beyond. Their attention to detail and responsiveness is unparalleled to any other agency we’ve ever worked with. They took the time to understand our unique needs, challenges, and goals. Working with them has not only elevated our marketing efforts but has given us the confidence that our brand is in capable hands.”

About Speaks Law Firm

From a mother and father picking up their kids to a friend driving home from work, accidents happen every day and can affect anyone. When disaster strikes, it’s important to have someone in your corner who knows the law and has experience handling personal injury cases. Our team of Wilmington personal injury lawyers has been helping injured victims seek justice and fair compensation for over 20 years. We put our clients first every time and fight hard for the compensation they need to support themselves and their families after an accident.

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have rights. Put Speaks Law Firm in your corner and we will use the full extent of our power to protect your rights and fight for what you’re owed. We speak for YOU.

About 8 Figure Firm

After spending years searching for the perfect law firm consulting program, Luis Scott identified a crucial gap in the market – the absence of a law firm consultant with genuine hands-on experience. It became apparent that nearly every existing program was owned and promoted by individuals who were either non-attorneys, had no prior experience as attorneys, or were attorneys whose expertise dated back many years. Furthermore, a significant number of these programs lacked development by individuals who had practical experience in implementing the strategies they were teaching.

Recognizing this void, Luis Scott set out to address the issue. His passion for teaching led him to create a program that would provide law firm owners with genuine, real-life consulting expertise to scale their businesses to 8 figures and beyond.

In just 18 months, utilizing the methodologies outlined in his book, “The 8 Figure Law Firm,” Luis Scott’s program successfully assisted numerous firms in generating 7-figure revenues, with many achieving a doubling of their income in less than a year. Remarkably, during this process, 8 Figure Firm Consulting transformed into a multi 7-figure company in under 12 months.

About Law Firm Marketing Pros

At Law Firm Marketing Pros, our vision is to help improve the way law firms market their services. Our mission is to educate, serve, and provide our clients with the most cutting-edge, efficient, and cost-effective online marketing tools available to increase their revenues and profits and exceed their goals.

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