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(JUPITER, Florida) Josh Konigsberg, Partner and Co-Founder of Law Firm Marketing Pros, a Jupiter, Florida-based digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce a recent interview in their Case Study series with client Paul Seabrook, Divorce and Family Law Attorney and Founder of Seabrook Law Offices in San Jose, California. In the interview, Seabrook tells Konigsberg that his firm has experienced 250% growth in less then 15-months, when he originally partnered with Law Firm Marketing Pros in November 2020.

‘What was going on in your business when we first met that caused you to look for an internet marketing company?” Konigsberg asks.

Seabrook explains that he had been using an independent contractor via Upwork who had been doing a decent job—until it was time to expand. “Every time I tried to expand the budget and move forward, it didn’t work,” he explains. “I just wouldn’t get the results on an expanded budget. I started considering other vendors and decided to give Law Firm Marketing Pros a shot.” He shares that since partnering with Law Firm Marketing Pros, his firm attracts ten new clients per month, a 5x increase from two new clients per month with his previous vendor. Moreover, his law firm’s revenue increased significantly.

“Based upon the leads I see coming in, I think you’re going to continue on that trajectory without increasing your budget at all,” Konigsberg predicts. He then asks Seabrook why he chose Law Firm Marketing Pros in the competitive digital marketing industry.

“It was a combination of things,” Seabrook responds. “The referrals coming through How to Manage meant a lot as far as what you guys at Law Firm Marketing Pros have done for them. And then, the way you broke it down so that I could get in without a massive capital outlay. It was very helpful. And we had a few calls, and it looked like you really knew what you were talking about as far as online marketing for law firms. You offered a lot of different things, and I didn’t go with everything at the beginning. I gave you a shot. Then, when it turned out that you did, in fact, help my business, I added additional services.”

When Konigsberg asks what surprised Seabrook the most about engaging with Law Firm Marketing Pros, he answers, “just the comprehensive approach you guys bring. I get to issue a press release. I get a blog. We get pay-per-click, and you’re handling the Google My Business stuff. Now I’ve got a kick-ass website. The comprehensive approach you guys bring to digital marketing is comforting. And if there’s a problem, you are fast and responsive. It’s just nice having the breadth of issues you can handle and the depth with which you can handle them. It’s comforting.”

Seabrook reveals how his professional and personal life have shifted, thanks to Law Firm Marketing Pros. “When you struggle with marketing, one of the problems you end up having is you’re more inclined to take a case you don’t want because you need to pay the bills. There’s this constant pressure to sign up clients you probably shouldn’t retain, but they’re here now. To have a marketing system that works, we can weed out the cases and clients we don’t want, making for a more profitable law firm. If we sign up an F client by mistake, it’s not going to be that big of a deal to get rid of that client because I know there are fifteen more coming next in the next couple of months. With the ability to grow my business, I don’t have any cases that I’m working on. I’m coming in and helping my team. I’ve got three lawyers working for me full time, and I’m looking for a fourth. And it all starts with marketing. If you can’t make that phone ring, then you’re never going to grow. It’s been great; I get more time with my family, and we’re looking to buy a new home. It just goes on and on.”

To watch the entire interview, click here.

About Seabrook Law Offices

Seabrook Law Offices is committed to helping clients start a new chapter in their lives get a second chance while protecting their children through the divorce process. With empathy and compassion, Seabrook Law Offices educates their clients so that they can move through the family court system as quickly as possible and start their new lives as quickly as possible.

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