Times of Crisis
Times of crisis separate the leaders from the followers. It never does any good to put one’s head in the sand and pray the issue goes away. It won’t.

Understand What is Really Going On
We are fighting thousands of years of programming that have been hardwired into our DNA.

Sometimes referred to as the Lizard brain – the part of our brain that decides our fight or flight tendencies.

It gets triggered to protect us from danger. So it is useful for our survival. And right now, it is starting to push the panic button in our brain. We think we are rational in the choices we make. But in reality, we are influenced by things we are not fully aware of. We have blind spots. And just being aware doesn’t mean we aren’t influenced by our lizard brain.

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Understanding How the Media Game is Played

It doesn’t matter whether the source of news is right, left, center, or social media. It is all driven to get attention in order to get traffic and ratings which sell ads. Just reporting facts won’t deliver that.

Hype and drama do. We know this because we are a marketing agency!!!

Systemic Failures

Our politicians and health care agencies saw this train wreck coming yet did little about it. The deer in the headlight syndrome in full effect. So they are now scrambling to catch up and clean up the mess the best they can.

And in time, they will.

They are humans with all the good and bad that goes with it.

This is not a time to point fingers but to do what we can to help.

We have survived much worse than this, we will survive this one too.

Steps We Can Take

As entrepreneurs, attorneys and small business owners who drive the economic engine of the country, we have a burden that gets little meaningful attention in the media.

Holding hands and singing Kumbaya won’t stop Corona.

Neither will worry and wishing it away.

The biggest fear comes from the uncertainty of the future.

Although we can’t control the future of this pandemic, we can control the actions we can take to protect ourselves and our businesses.

Stay Positive

Even during the darkest hours of WWII, Winston Churchill remained positive. Great Britain needed him to.

You should too. Your family, your employees, and your business needs you to.

Your immune system will thank you.

Stay Focused

Think about all the things you can stop doing so you can focus on the things that matter most.

In personal and business life. Clarity comes from focusing on the most important things.

Strengthen Your Relationships

If your business does slow down temporarily, use the time to strengthen your relationships with your existing customers.

And don’t forget your employees who are worried about the future.

Your community and circle of influence need reassurances too.

Thank them. Reassure them. Incentivize them if you must.

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Shot of a businesswoman and businessman talking in the work place

Cash Flow is Critical

This is a good time to really look under the hood of your business to check for wasted resources. Every business has it and every owner has had this nagging feeling that they should cut it but never got around to it. It is time.

Freeze all unnecessary spending. Collect from customers faster where and when you can. Offer discounts for prepay and faster payments. Increasing cash flow during these times is critical.

What About Advertising and Marketing?

Let’s address the elephant in the room.
Since we provide these services to you as your digital marketing agency partner, it would be disingenuous for us to say cut expenses except for your advertising and marketing.
In fact, if you have wasteful spending in this category that doesn’t give you ROI, you should cut or at least pause it too.  As always, Josh is available to meet with you to discuss your plan and your budget, one on one, free of charge.

If you are not aware, Google has partnered with the federal government to create a Coronavirus information website, due to be launched on March 16, 2020. This will certainly boost Google’s search traffic and credibility as a trusted resource with the consuming public. Thankfully, technology is immune to human viruses. With more people working from home, we anticipate more internet traffic, and therefore, more search traffic and more time spent opening and reading emails.

Digital Marketing Considerations: 

  • During every crisis and economic downturn in history, there have been businesses that took market share away from those that became ultra-conservative. And they kept the business after the economic recovery.
  • As you may be aware, much of our staff works remotely and therefore, continues to maintain Local SEO and GMB and other services at the same high-quality level you have come to expect from our team.
  • By maintaining your excellent ranking in Google’s algorithm and search engine results page, you will gain market share on your competitors who have suspended services with their agencies. The even better news for you? It will take months for them to recover those lost rankings and you benefit by gaining the leads now, and in the future. Beware: the converse of this is also true…
  • Additionally, as mentioned, because more people will be working remotely there’s a chance we can increase the review volume with our review platform, ReviewGoole. This creates an opportunity for you to outpace your competition by getting more great reviews going viral and having an even better online reputation.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Which ties back to where we began. Our lizard brain is scaring us about the looming disaster.
Wash your hands. Take appropriate precautions from credible sources.
But don’t let the lizard force your head into the sand.
It is time to lead. Put your game faces on and go be the leader that you are. Right now. Your family, community and customers are longing for more leaders.

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