Benefits of Online Review Management for Law Firms


Why Should You Care About Law Firm Review Marketing, Management, and Monitoring?

Your online reputation represents your brand. Your law firm maintains a stellar name with a top-notch review marketing, management, and monitoring system. Effective branding or what I call micro-branding, entirely depends on successful online reputation marketing, management, and monitoring.  

Reputation marketing, management, and monitoring — the key to effective “Transparent Marketing” — represents the next generation of marketing, in which qualified clients find your law firm when they search for either who you are or what you do. It gives your potential clients a window into your firm so that they can experience your unique brand and promise of value.

Trust is Your Currency

Trust is the foundation of every single purchase decision consumers make. When you have the best reputation by having the highest number of quality reviews and testimonials in multiple places, written by your clients, you gain the upper hand by being the first one they call

The bottom line? All clients — including qualified clients — trust online reviews.

Online reviews foster social proof, which now describes what people say about you online and its impact on potential new clients while you are practicing law. When they read reviews posted by your existing clients, it establishes trust in their minds because your clients have already read about and experienced your legal expertise, commitment to their case, and outstanding customer service. These satisfied clients become your advocates by sharing their impressions about you online, helping to deliver more qualified clients to your law firm. 

The benefits of Implementing an Online Reputation System include:

  • Increased Trust
  • Higher Revenue
  • Improved Client Satisfaction
  • Reduced Risk of Negative Reviews and a Bad Reputation
  • Increased ROI on Your Marketing Investment 


Transparent Marketing 

If clients see that your law firm has responded to both good and bad reviews, it shows that your firm has an active presence online and listens and interacts with clients. Replying to social media comments is another way to increase trust and engagement.

How Does Top-Rated Law Firm Get More Qualified Leads for You? 

Our robust and cost-effective review marketing, management, and monitoring system passively provides everything your law firm needs to monitor, create, market, and manage your online reputation – without demanding any of your time. Focus on what you do best and let Top-Rated Law Firm handle your reviews and attract more qualified clients to your firm.

Top-Rated Law Firm: 

  • Manages both positive and negative reviews on your behalf 
  • Generates new customer reviews through an automated system
  • Filters qualified leads 
  • Builds your firm’s online reputation by sharing your new reviews across multiple social media platforms
  • Provides guidance and feedback with valuable data to help you determine your next steps in your marketing strategy 
  • Helps in managing your law practice, using a feedback loop


Higher Revenue

A study from the Harvard Business School found that a one-star rating improvement for a business’s rating increased revenue from 5-9%. Similarly, your law firm’s success depends on its reputation. 88% of consumers report that they trust online reviews almost as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know in real life. Given these factors, it is no wonder that a brand’s perception often impacts its sales and revenue, which means the better your law firm’s reputation, the greater its ability to attract qualified leads. 

Improve Client Satisfaction

With an online reputation marketing, management, and monitoring system in place, law firms can respond to and resolve any conflicts swiftly. Your clients will appreciate that your law firm considers their feedback valid and that you are taking any necessary action to rectify the situation. For positive reviews, online reputation marketing amplifies the benefits by demonstrating that your law firm cares enough to provide an enhanced client experience.

Improved ROI for Marketing

Positive reviews also facilitate search engine optimization (SEO), which boosts rankings on Google and results in higher rankings for your law firm. From here, the upward cycle continues as potential qualified clients find your law firm faster with local SEO and high conversion rates due to the value and exceptional service your firm provides. Factoring Reputation Marketing into your law firm marketing budget is one of the best investments you can make because your potential qualified clients perceive you as better than your competitors. Therefore, you get more qualified leads, which leads to better conversions and a potential increase in retainers and settlements. 





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