As many small law firms move to remote operations to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, law firm owners and lawyers are looking for ways to market their service while most of the country is staying at home.

On W4CY Radio, Josh Konigsberg, partner and co-founder of Law Firm Marketing Pros, shared a list of strategies that law firm owners can implement to not only survive but also thrive. The current landscape will change, and social distancing has to end in the future. Businesses have to plan for this point in time when life gets back to normal.

If you cannot serve clients during this time, you can view it as an opportunity to outmaneuver your competitors in the legal industry. In this post, we take a look at the legal marketing strategies that Josh shared in the interview.

Focus on Expansion

During times like these, company owners naturally gravitate toward scaling down. However, according to Josh, now is the perfect time to focus on expansion by thinking ahead, formulating marketing plans, and executing them.

 Attorneys’ approach to marketing also determines their success. Instead of viewing marketing as a line item expense, you should see it as an investment in your business’s success.

Update the Firm’s Website

When people stay indoors, they become digitally more active. Both Facebook and Google reported traffic increases of 50% and more. Many law firms will also see an increase in traffic to their websites.

It is critical to let your website visitors know if you are open during the lockdown, as well as which practice areas are open. Potential clients don’t know if your law firm falls under the essential service category or not, so you have to update your homepage with a popup or visible message.

For example, if your firm specializes in workers’ compensation matters, add a link or phone number where visitors to your site can schedule a virtual consultation. This marketing strategy will help draw consumers in need of your services.

Be Active on Social Media

Posting content on social media is a free and effective way to maintain an online presence. Compelling content marketing will provide your client base and site visitors with information about current legal matters, increase your visibility and engagement, and establish you as an authority in your field.

Additionally, when someone goes online to research your company, a prominent social media presence and informative content will give a clear indication to your readers that you are still active.

Check-in on Clients

During a lockdown, you can build relationships and improve your law firm’s retention rates by calling past clients and checking in on them. Asking clients how they and their families are doing and coping with the pandemic will make a compassionate statement about your business.

Get Reviews

Currently, most businesses are not focusing on reviews— mainly because Google temporarily suspended its review feature. However, many platforms still allow users to leave reviews for validation purposes, including Facebook, the Yellow Pages, and online directories.

Now is the perfect time to get reviews of your practice on platforms that allow them. Because people are home, email open rates are high, and your recipients have time to write reviews, especially if they had a pleasant experience with your firm.

Use your email address management system to send out announcements, newsletters, and a request for reviews. You can also ask for reviews during your check-in calls. A digital review-getting tool such as ReviewGoole is ideal as it will get the reviews for you and post them online.

Google My Business

Your business gets a free Google My Business listing, which appears in the top section of the search engine results pages. However, only three listings appear in the search results, and the user has to click to view more listings in their area. The three companies that appear in this box can get up to 68% of the conversions of all the millions of results that show up.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing with informational content, posts, and articles is the most cost-effective marketing process and the ideal way to outscore the competitors in your market.


Another effective way to position your business for the endpoint of the pandemic is with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Google’s PPC sections are above the map and at the very bottom of the page.

With this type of advertising, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. PPC pricing works on an auction system, and you can expect to pay more to advertise on results pages with high-volume search terms.

Do you have more questions about COVID-19 success strategies and/or best practices to implement in your digital marketing efforts now and in the future? Schedule an appointment with us today at 561-948-5001. Click here to download one or more of our free tools, including a Digital Marketing Checklist for Law Firms. 

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CTA: Do you have more questions about COVID-19 success strategies and/or best practices to implement in your digital marketing efforts now and in the future? Schedule an appointment with us today at 561-948-5001. Click here to download one or more of our free tools, including a Digital Marketing Checklist for Law Firms.

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