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Behind the Bench Podcast | Ep. 1

Law Firm Marketing Pros Launches Behind the Bench Podcast for Lawyers

Josh Konigsberg Launches New Podcast for Attorneys with Guest Alan Murphy, Founder of Law Office Success

Our Special Guest

Alan Murphy

The “Behind the Bench” podcast episode with Josh Konigsberg and Alan Murphy provides valuable insights into law firm marketing and business development. The episode covers topics crucial for attorneys and law firm owners, focusing on effective strategies for growth and client acquisition.

The conversation begins with Alan Murphy sharing his background in business development, detailing his journey from selling mangoes as a child to creating Law Office Success. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships and networking for business growth. The discussion then moves to the core services Law Office Success provides, which are targeted at small to mid-sized law firms. Alan’s approach involves understanding a law firm’s current position and goals and identifying obstacles to growth.

A significant part of the conversation revolves around marketing strategies. Alan stresses the importance of identifying the right client avatar and utilizing effective lead magnets like informative infographics. He also discusses the need for a solid online presence, including a well-maintained law firm directory profile and active social media engagement.

The episode also delves into the nuances of marketing to different law practice areas, such as criminal defense, family law, and estate planning. Alan highlights the importance of understanding clients’ unique needs and decision-making processes in each area. He also discusses leveraging database marketing and CRM systems to nurture leads and convert them into clients.

An exciting point discussed is cross-marketing and creating partnerships with other businesses to reach potential clients. This includes hosting events and being actively involved in the community.

The podcast concludes with a discussion on the importance of empathy in client interactions, especially in practices like family law and estate planning. Alan and Josh emphasize building a strong client relationship through trust and understanding.

Overall, this episode provides a comprehensive view of marketing and business development strategies tailored for law firms, with practical advice and insights that can be applied to enhance a law firm’s growth and client engagement.


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