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Behind the Bench Podcast | Ep 2

Behind the Bench Podcast for Lawyers Welcomes Marketing Veteran CMO Keith Dyer

Law Firm Marketing Pros Partner & Co-Founder, Josh Konigsberg Welcomes Law Firm Builder Founder Keith Dyer

Our Special Guest

Keith Dyer

In this episode of the “Behind the Bench Podcast,” host Josh Konigsberg has an insightful conversation with Keith Dyer from Law Firm Builder. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Keith shares his journey of transitioning from running a traditional ad agency to focusing on marketing strategies for law firms. With a background in advertising over two decades, Keith brings a wealth of knowledge.

The podcast delves into the evolution of Keith’s career, starting with establishing his ad agency, Necessary Marketing Incorporated, alongside his mother. Initially catering to a broad spectrum of clients, including car dealerships and PGA golf tournaments, Keith gradually found his niche in law firm marketing. His connections with attorney friends who sought trustworthy marketing assistance drove this transition.

Keith emphasizes combining digital and traditional media in law firm marketing strategies. He advocates for a more integrated approach, serving as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and focusing on the entire marketing plan rather than just digital aspects like SEO or pay-per-click advertising.

A key highlight of the discussion is Keith’s innovative business model, which benefits law firms through cost savings. By not operating on a commission-based structure, Law Firm Builder allows more funds to be allocated to the law firm’s advertising budget, enhancing its ability to acquire more cases.

The podcast also explores the importance of branding and reputation management in the legal industry. Keith advises law firms on marketing mix and investment strategies to grow their business. He stresses the significance of building a solid brand, particularly for law firms aiming to expand from seven to eight figures in revenue.

Throughout the conversation, Keith provides valuable insights into effective marketing tactics, the role of reviews and databases in law firm marketing, and the impact of technological advancements on advertising strategies. The episode concludes with Keith underscoring the need for law firms to be bold, patient, and strategic in their growth journey, highlighting the importance of understanding the competition and wisely allocating marketing budgets.

Listeners can learn more about Keith’s services and insights on law firm marketing by visiting


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