How to Build a Seven-Figure Criminal Defense Law Firm
Behind the Bench Podcast | Ep. 5

Behind the Bench Podcast for Lawyers Welcomes Greg McCollum, Esq.

Josh Konisgberg Interviews Complete Legal Defense Team Founder & Senior Felony Attorney on Law Firm Success

Our Special Guest

Greg McCollum

In this episode of the “Behind the Bench Podcast,” host Josh Konigsberg interviews Greg McCollum, a seasoned criminal defense attorney and founder of the Complete Legal Defense Team in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The conversation delves into Greg’s extensive legal experience, spanning over 30 years, including his past role as a prosecutor and his current focus on defending clients who face significant consequences.

Key discussion points include Greg’s innovative coaching program, “Prosper at Law,” co-founded with Brenda Williams, owner of Indigo Family Law. This program aims to guide criminal defense and family court lawyers in growing their practices. Greg highlights a gap in resources and coaching for these legal areas, contrasting them with the abundant support in personal injury law.

The podcast also touches on the financial struggles many solo practitioners face, with data from the American Bar Association indicating a significant portion of solo lawyers earn under $200,000 annually. Greg stresses the importance of law firms operating efficiently as businesses, something often overlooked in legal education.

Moreover, “Prosper at Law” offers a mix of virtual and in-person coaching, emphasizing hands-on experience and real-world application. Greg and Brenda bring their practical knowledge in criminal defense and family law to provide tailored coaching that addresses unique challenges in these fields.

The episode underscores the changing landscape of the legal industry, particularly the role of the Internet and video in law firm marketing. Greg advises on effective networking strategies and emphasizes the need for continual personal and professional growth.

In summary, this podcast episode provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the legal profession, particularly for small law firms and solo practitioners. Greg McCollum’s experience and “Prosper at Law” initiatives offer practical advice for lawyers aiming to thrive in a competitive and evolving industry.


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