PPC/Google Ads Issues – Deep Dive Audit


When a client is struggling with PPC, whether it be x or y, you need to trigger a “Deep Dive Audit.”  A Deep Dive Audit is defined as a complete audit of the client’s entire Google Ads account.  


A deep dive audit is to be tasked out from the client success management list “​​[CSM – Tasks]” 

  1. Go to the clients master project.  Eg “Client Master Project – (Market Leader): Firm Name”
  2. Go to list “​​[CSM – Tasks]” 
  3. Create a task named “PPC Deep Dive Audit”
  4. Assign tasks to Barb & the PPC Maintenance Manager.  The assigned PPC  Maintenance Manager can be found on the PPC Service Tracker under column B.  
  5. Comment on the “PPC Deep Dive Audit” task.  @barb @Maintenance Manager please perform a deep dive audit.  
  6. Set a task due date for no more than 4 days. 
  7. Follow up on task
  8. If there is a need, set up an ad hoc meeting with the client and PPC team. 

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