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DESCRIPTION:  Keeping proactive with clients is a must.  Proactive means adding value to their campaigns: website, PPC, local SEO, etc.  In this case, using our video strategy, we are adding value to a client’s website, Youtube Channel, and Google Business Profile (local SEO).  The idea here is to add content that will encourage engagement.  Engagement in the SEO world is the top priority. It can add a tremendous amount of trust in Google’s eyes, thus translating into rankings, greater visibility, and, ultimately, quality leads for our clients. 



Video On How BERT Helps With Google Search – It’s The Little Words


  1. Introduce this video strategy to clients at a monthly meeting.  This strategy is mainly introduced when a client struggles or does just “ok.”  Introducing this strategy is a way to increase your meeting session success. 
  2. Ask the client to get involved.  Share Video FAQ Strategy Client Sheet with them and/or their marketing person. 





TW task template


Client Expectations:

Upload & publish

  • Uploading video to YT 
  • Create a ticket 
  • Adding a title and description (include address)
  • Fill out the spreadsheet *add meta title, descriptions. 
  • Share video on platforms that are outside of LFMP scope of work.  Ie tick tiktok , linked In, etc.   (LFMP Marketing Leader and Partner include FB, Instagram, GBP & Twitter.  Associate does not have a SM plan therefore the client must share the videos to said platforms on their own). 


LFMP Expectations

  • Youtube Studio Customization set up.  
  • Optimize the back end of the YT videos (Elmer) includes adding the business address
  • Share on social media (Market Leader & Partner)
  • Upload to the website via support.  

GBP Video Protocol

GBP/YT Video Optimization Process/Protocol


Ticket Tag view for Video:[tags][items][0]=404362 

Flow Chart

Time: includes video, transcript, optimization & posting

elmer : 30 min

VA set up and follow up: 30

Website to post a video: 30

SM: 15


1:45 Per Video


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