Client Performance Concerns Specific to Lead Volume SOP

Client Performance Concerns Specific to Lead Volume SOP

Purpose #

The purpose of this SOP is to provide direction to the CSM on what to do when a client raises their concerns on performance.  

Scope #

This applies to the CSM’s, and/or upper management when a client complains about low or declining lead flow/under performance. Eg “our leads have been down this month, can you tell me why? Or “this is not working, we need to do something to get more leads…”

There are at least four points that our out of our control:

  • Seasonality
  • Search Volume in the clients market
  • Google Algorithm updates to SEO and or PPC
  • Competitiveness of the market.  What their competitors who have hired our competitors are doing

Definitions & acronyms #

  • CSM: Client Success Manager

Procedures #

Note:  add a diagram to the top of your protocol.  Add screenshots and videos as needed to each step.  Remember, we need to act as if the person reading this does not know anything or very little about our processes.  This is a teaching tool, be very detailed, overly if necessary. 

Step-by-step instructions #

Situation: The client sends you an email or over zoom/phone concerning under performance.  

  • Step 1: Respond to client (it’s important you do this right away)
    • Step 1.1: Respond or reply to the client. See email template “Email Template Response “ below
  • Step 2: Perform a deep dive
    • Step 2.1: 
    • Step 2.2:
    • Step 2.3:
  • Step 3:

Email Template Response:

Dear Client, 

I understand your concerns.  Please know that your file is our top priority.  Please allow me some time to do a deep dive into our reporting, campaigns and to meet with my department managers to see what’s going on.  

Ill then get back to you within 24/48 hours to set up a call so we can discuss over zoom. 

Thank you, 


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