Weekly recap email for non-responsive or yellow/red clients SOP

Weekly recap email for non-responsive or yellow/red clients SOP

Purpose #

This SOP is on how to send a weekly recap email for non-responsive clients If the client is not responding to your emails, calls, or texts after 4 attempts

Scope #

This is useful for CSM’s and CSS’s when they encounter a non-responsive client.

Definitions & acronyms #

  • CSM: Client Success Manager
  • CSS: Client Success Support

Procedures #

  • Step 1: Create a loom recap video.
  • Step 2: Inform the Director of Agency Services (Jonelle)
  • Step 3: On the first Friday of the month, send out the first email.
    • Do not include any salutations, titles, etc. 
    • Open email with “Hi Client,” 
    • In the body of the email, insert the loom recap video, add three bullets 
  1. Issues that needs to be addressed
    2. What has been done and/or what we are doing to correct the issues
    3. A list of deliverables pending from the client
  • End email with your name
  • BCC yourself in the email
  • BCC Jonelle
  • Step 4: Next Friday, forward the same email that was sent out last week.
    • Remove the forward from the title and change the subject line
    • Make sure the loom video is still attached to the latest email so clients don’t have to scroll down and look for it.
    • Take out the three things that were done last week and add in three new things.
  • Step 5: Keep doing weekly for 30 days.

Note: send email on Fridays so the clients can look over during the weekend. 


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