Youtube Suspension SOP

Youtube Suspension SOP

Video Walkthrough  #

Purpose #

This SOP is on how to appeal a youtube suspension.

Scope #

This is useful for CSM’s and CSS’s when they need to appeal a suspended youtube channel.

Definitions & acronyms #

  • CSM: Client Success Manager

Procedures #

  • Step 1: Get an email from Youtube with the name of the channel and a message stating that they have removed the channel from Youtube

Screen Shot 2023 03 26 at 1.37.49 PM

  • Step 2: Check the body of the email for the reason why channel was removed
    • If we are 100% sure that we did not violate any of the guidelines, proceed to step 3  
  • Step 3: Fill out the appeal form
    • Scroll down and find the appeal button

Screen Shot 2023 03 26 at 1.38.35 PM

  • Fill out the form with 
    • your name 
    • and the email address use to sign in to the youtube channel – this can be found in  the  client master sheet under Youtube 
    • Input your email address so you get notified when they have made a decision to the appeal
    • Youtube channel URL
    • Put in a brief explanation on why you think the suspension is a mistake
  • Click on Submit
      • You will receive a confirmation email that they have received the appeal  
  • You will get an email when they have reached a conclusion and result of the appeal.
  • Step 4: Confirm that the youtube channel has been activated.
  • Step 5: Notify the CSM


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