Email Template Processing SOP

Email Template Processing SOP

Purpose #

This SOP is for when you have identified the need for an email template that can be used by anyone else in your position in future situations.

Scope #

This is useful for CSM’s and CSS’s.

Definitions & acronyms #

  • CSM: Client Success Manager
  • CSS: Client Success Support
  • DAS: Director of Agency Services (Jonelle)

Procedures #

Note:  add a diagram to the top of your protocol.  Add screenshots and videos as needed to each step.  Remember, we need to act as if the person reading this does not know anything or very little about our processes.  This is a teaching tool, be very detailed, overly if necessary. 

Step-by-step instructions

Describe the process in detail using flow charts and/or hierarchical checklists.


  • Step 2: Draft the email template
  • Step 3: Review the newly created email template
    • Add it as a task in the weekly CSM Review and Protocol Meeting agenda’s section for Email Templates. Please remember to provide the link to the document.   

Screen Shot 2023 03 26 at 12.20.23 PM

  • If it cannot wait until next CSM weekly meeting to be reviewed and approved, please reach out to the DAS for guidance


      Step 4: After approval, please move the document to the relevant folder within CSM (Email Templates folder)

  • Step 5:  Share the news with the rest of your team about the newly added email template
    • Slack – In your team’s slack channel.  EG. Client Success Management channel. 



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