Red/Yellow Client Protocol 

Red/Yellow Client Protocol 

Purpose #

This SOP is to help the CSM  handle a situation when a client expresses concern about lead flow, quality, overall performance, among other negative issues.

Scope #

This is useful for CSM’s when they get a concern or an issue from a client that needs to be addressed both internally and externally.

Definitions & acronyms #

  • CSM: Client Success Manager

Procedures #

    • Step 1: CSM gets comments or concern from a client 
      • If the client complaint came through an email, please respond with this email template.
  • If through a call, say: I understand your concern over the matter. We will investigate this and we can then meet so I can provide you clarity and answers right away. 
    • Step 2: Draft a brief of the issue(s) and send it to Jonelle
      • Schedule a 15-minute call with Jonelle to review 
    • Step 3: CSM needs to investigate on issue or concern. For example:
      • Make sure that reportings are accurate.
      • Look into why phones are not ringing.
  • Look at campaigns, etc.
  • Rankings
      • Make sure calls are being tracked
  • Make sure the client is receiving filled out web forms 
  • Step 4: Determine if a client is in the red/yellow zone.
      • Yellow clients can be measured by the complaints that are not very serious and we have time to fix issues.
  • Red zone client would be someone in the yellow zone for a while and or is giving us an ultimatum or is considering canceling services. 
  • NOTE: Regardless of classification, the investigative process should be followed for both the yellow and red zone clients.




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