Vendasta (Editing Business Listing & Adding Local SEO Products) SOP

Vendasta (Editing Business Listing & Adding Local SEO products) SOP

Purpose #

The purpose of this document is to show how to edit business listing details and turn on Google Local Service products (Yext Listing Sync Pro & Listing Distribution) in Vendasta.

Scope #

This document applies to the Google Local Service team members who will be working in Vendasta.

Definitions & acronyms #

  • GBP: Google Business Profile

Procedures #

See how to video here

Step-by-step instructions #

Documents you will need open: Client mastersheet & Google Local Checklist.  It’s also a good idea to open the clients GBP location and website to cross reference and confirm location and practice area data.  Cross checking to ensure data is correct across all platforms is required. 

  • Step 1: Logging into Vendasta
    • Step 1.1: Login to Vendasta
    • Step 1.2: Then on the left hand side go to “Businesses” then “Accounts”
    • Step 1.3: Using the search bar, search client
    • Step 1.4: Select the client and location you want to optimize
  • Step 2: Editing Business Details
    • Step 2.1: in the top right corner, select “View all data”
    • Step 2.2: Complete information.  Tip, view how to video here
  • Step 3: Yext Listing Sync Pro & Listing Distribution
    • Step 3.1: Click on “Activate Products
    • Step 3.2: Click on “Products” to the right of packages
    • Step 3.3: Select “Listing Builder”, “Listing Distribution” & “Yext Listing Sync Pro | USA (Monthly)” . 
    • Step 3.4: Click on “Proceed to the Next Step” note, the only two products that should appear are “Listing Distribution” & “Yext Listing Sync Pro | USA (Monthly)” If more products appear, simply click the “x” to remove them. 
    • Step 4.4: Check off the box at the bottom “I understand…”
    • Step 4.5: Click on “Purchase” 




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