SMM-Monthly  Social Media Tasks SOP 


 Social Media Tasks SOP 

Purpose #

The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed description of the monthly ongoing Social Media calendar building, caption writing, designing and posting.

Scope #

As a Social Media Support, you must know how a social media post is created from beginning to end. The social media posts are based on the client’s website content, blogs, press releases, trending topics and local news. The graphics are in line with the clients branding colors, fonts and style.

Definitions & acronyms #

    • SM: Social Media
    • GBP: Google Business Profile
    • TW: Teamwork – our project and task organization platform
    • Vendasta: A white label social media scheduling platform
    • FB: Facebook
  • IG: Instagram
  • TW: Twitter
  • LI: LinkedIn


Procedures #

Screen Shot 2023 03 01 at 12.01.26 AM

Step-by-step instructions #

Step 1: Duplicate Monthly SM Calendar template #

  • To start a new month, begin by creating a duplicate of the monthly SM Calendar template
    • See Video (Social Media Service Tracker – Overview)
    • Right-click on the “SM Service Tracker Template” tab and click duplicate
    • Go to each client’s SM Calendar link, on bottom right-click “Template” tab and click Duplicate
    • Change name of Tab to current month and year (Example: January 2023) 

Step 2: Map Out Calendar/Research (Plan Type) #

  • Build the Social Media Calendar (Basics of a Social Media Calendar)
    • Add Themes
      • Add any current DLF campaign organic posts – (How to create an Organic Post)
      • News – check client’s website, Slack Channel & TW for any updates as well as any local news, law changes, trending topics for their main cities or related to their area of law.
      • Press Releases – check client’s website or TW for any updates
      • Holidays & Awareness Days – check our holiday list to add any relevant holidays for that month.
      • Include 2-4 Videos – check client’s website or Youtube channel for new videos or videos related to a theme (post at least 2 videos per month if possible)
      • Shoutouts 
        • New team member
        • Birthdays
        • Work Anniversary

Step 4: Create Copy #

  • Copywriter will create post copy/captions for the graphic designers. Jasper can be used to help with the copy. 
  • Add Captions for themes such as holidays, awareness days, FAQ’s, Blogs, etc.
  • For additional content, use 2-3 blogs to pull content and make captions (See Video)
  • Use website information to create more captions and add the link to the website pages.
  • Captions should follow themes for that month and highlight WHY a customer should choose our client. Remind them of pain points (ex: it’s winter time: Have your pipes burst? Did someone crash into you after the winter storm?)
  • We use this document for Lawfirm Advertising as a guide 7 Dirty and Forbidden Words.
  • Check off the box for Copy for the client once complete
  • Let the team know on the Slack SM team group chat:  Copy for CLIENT ready for review/graphics  (hyperlink the calendar for the team)

Step 5: Create Graphics #

  • Login to Canva using the LFMP master sheet to locate the Josh login and password.
  • Graphics designers will create graphics on Canva using preexisting templates (Client Name SM Template) for that client or from scratch. 
  • Here is a video some basics about how to navigate Canva and find our clients.
  • How to use the Plan to Create a graphic for a social media caption (video)
  • Our standard size for all social media posts is 1080×1080 px and we use the Instagram Post template (see image).

Screen Shot 2023 03 01 at 12.02.36 AM

  • When creating a SM post graphic from scratch, the new template must include:
    • Client Logo
    • Client brand colors (use Canva Brand Kits)
    • Client fonts
    • Similar style to previous templates
    • Similar imagery (age/demogarphics) in photos of people
  • Graphic designers will upload the graphics created to the client’s SM calendar
  • Begin by downloading the graphic image. Click Download, Share button, Click on Download > Dropdown menu click PNG > Next dropdown menu click only on Current Page box
    • When image has downloaded, go back to client calendar.
      • Click in the correct cell under the caption, right click and choose Insert Image into cell.
    • Complete graphics for the rest of the FB calendar and GBP posts if graphics are needed.

Step 6: Review Graphics #

  • When the graphic designer has finished uploading all graphics for each SM caption, the SM Internal review will take place
  • The Graphic designer will check off that the graphic is complete on the Social Media Tracker
    • The graphic designer will send a Slack message to the SM team group chat as follows: Graphics for CLIENT ready for review (hyperlink the calendar for the team)

Step 7: Client Approval (if applicable) #

  • For some client, a SM calendar approval is necessary.
  • We will send a link to the SM calendar to the client for review – these clients have a separate sheet for review/approval where they can leave comments for edits
    • While on the complete SM calendar, click Copy to > Existing File > Client SM Review Calendar
    • Click to open the Review SM Calendar
    • Click on Edit > Delete > Notes
    • Open Teamwork, go to Task: Send to Client > Create a ticket
      • Use Email template to create ticket and send it to the client verifying on the master sheet who to send and cc on the ticket.
      • Go back to the task and open the ticket in Desk and add yourself as a follower
      • The team will schedule social media if the due date for review has passed to ensure the service will continue without delay.
    • Receive Client Approval – Check this task off once the client has replied to the ticket.

Step 8: Edit & Upload Posts in DRAFT #

  • Graphic designers will upload and draft posts on Vendasta
    • All SM posts are scheduled for 1:20 PM
    • GBPs are scheduled for 9:30 AM
  • Ready for SM Manager’s final review
  • Schedule posts on all social media accounts 
    • GBP – for clients with multiple locations, make sure to schedule to every additional location and the Individual Practicioner Listing.
    • Check off all locations on SM Tracker

Step 9: Final Review & SCHEDULE Posts #

  • The SM Team leader will do a final review of all SM drafts or scheduled posts

Step 10: SM ON THE FLY #

  • These are any additional tasks, image or other requests that arrive for that month either by CSM, client, or other team.

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