Service Responsibilities & Protocols

Responsibilities of the intake team

Summary: To gather the information, files and login credentials necessary for each service manager to kick off projects as quickly as possible. 

PeeJay (Primary/Intake Quarterback) – Manages the intake process.  Responsible for gathering, testing, and distributing onboarding deliverables from clients as well as following up on any pending items.  His task ends when he confirms that all projects within a package (& add-ons) have been kicked-off. 

Andy – Organizes physical intake from the sales team, and completes the intake form in High Level.  He also supports PeeJay. 

John – Generating the organic, LSS keyword (Cities) lists, website site site map. 

Jonelle – Support and so he can support service manages on kick off. 


Intake Call Participation With Client:  


  • PeeJay – Fills out the form
  • John – Speaks to the client
  • Jonelle – Support
  • Andy – Support

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