Keywords – How we choose them & commercial intent vs. noncommercial intent


The strategy in selecting keywords for our law clients is choosing keywords with commercial intent. Sometimes clients will choose keywords that won’t yield any business, so it’s up to us to help them understand commercial intent vs. noncommercial intent. Commercial intent is quite simply a phrase describing a searcher’s intent to purchase a product or service. Understanding this concept and identifying related keywords is critical – it can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful marketing campaign.  

The keywords our agency chooses are based on average monthly searches. This information is obtained through Google’s keyword planner, so the most effective strategy is to select the most searched keywords and align this list with the client’s services on their website.


ACTION: How we generate our clients keyword lists:

Our SEO strategist will perform keyword research during onboarding and work closely with the client to choose their keywords. It’s important to note that some clients may have slightly different keyword focuses, even if in the same practice area, so we generate a new list specific to each client. We go back and forth with the client until they are happy with a list of at least ten keywords. View Sample HERE.  




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