PPC Quick Launch SOP

Amir will now be building PPC on a purchased domain (if needed). He will use the clients domain-name with a hyphen so he can get started immediately. I also recommended that we write out 3 landing pages per type of law we help such as Family Law. These standard landing pages will be optimized for the 3 min keywords by each subset within that practice area.

With the purchased domain

-3 prewritten landing pages

-a standard set of keywords for that practice area

_a negative keywords list for that practice area

They can then use Click Funnels to build out the 3 pages to start PPC Campaigns in 7 business days. Once we have access to the clients domain, we can figure out when to build out the landers and fit it into the process. Finally, redirecting the ads when we are ready. Yes, we will lose a few weeks of traffic to the website; however, the goal is very simple from my perspective. 

I want at least one new case if not three in the first 45 days of starting with the client from PPC. This will take all of the pressure off.


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