As clients become more successful and understand that our strategies work, they may want to “enhance” their services. It comes in two forms. They may want to add service add-ons such as a new Google Business Profile location, another Reputation Marketing (AKA Top-Rated Law Firm), another blog added to their package. Or they may want to add pages to their website (Website Content).


Upgrade Services

  1. Bring to the attention of their sales rep
    1. Email and then text the sales rep alerting him of the email
  2. Ensure sales rep schedules or replies to you with details pertaining to an upsell.  In most cases this will require sales to have a “sales call.”




Website Content

  1. Provide them with website content pricing. *note: as stated on the website content pricing document, if they provide their own content, there is no charge. In this case proceed to the next action “Website Content “tasking out in Teamwork.””
  2. If they accept, they must pay upfront.  Contact Mel Weeks to send them an invoice and payment instructions.  Remember to provide Mel with the clients Name, firm name, phone number and email address.  Once payment is received you can proceed with the next step “Website Content “tasking out in Teamwork.””
  3. If they negotiate pricing, then bring it to the attention of their sales rep and follow along until completed. 
  4. If accepted, please follow the” “Website Content “tasking out in Teamwork”” protocol. 



Hi [client],

Thank you for inquiring about adding additional pages to your website. 


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