SMM-LAUNCH Social Media Tasks SOP 


Social Media Tasks SOP 

Purpose #

The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed description of the onboarding process and launch of the Social Media service.

Scope #

This document applies to the Social Media Team.

Definitions & acronyms #

    • SM: Social Media
    • GBP: Google Business Profile
    • TW: Teamwork – our project and task organization platform
    • Vendasta: A white label social media scheduling platform
    • FB: Facebook
  • IG: Instagram
  • TW: Twitter
  • LI: LinkedIn

Procedures #

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Step-by-step instructions #

  • Step 1: Teamwork Project Set-Up #

    • Add to Client to Social Media Service Tracker 
    • Review Tasks On The Social Media Onboarding List
    • Confirm List Due Date – (21 Days)
      • Set Due Dates On Monthly Calendars
    • Add Team Members
      • Tasks
      • Milestone
  • Step 2: Project Kickoff #

    • Watch Client’s Recorded Intake Meeting
      • Each SM Team Member must checkoff they have seen the intake call video within 7 days
    • Ensure SM Platform is Optimized
      • Check to ensure FB, IG, TW has images, logos, information are correct
    • Client Set-Up in Vendasta (Video)
      • Ensure Client account has been created in Vendasta
        • IIf client hasn’t been added to Vendasta yet, click to add client and search for client name
      • Add Social Pro (Video)
        • Once Client has been added to Vendasta, ensure Social Pro is added. (Video)
      • Connect all Social Media Platforms
        • Check off onboarding tasks as needed or follow-up with team mates if any credentials are missing or inaccurate
      • Add all GBP Listings
        • GBP Listing must be verified on the Master Sheet
        • The SM Team will create SM posts for any GPB or IPL if there is a box checked off.
        • If there is more than one location, then an additional Vendasta account will need to be created. 
        • The Social Pro account will be needed if it is a Market leader with 5 posts per week 
    • Review Branding Call and Doc
      • Each SM Team Member must checkoff they have seen the Branding call with 2 days of the recording
      • Update Sample Due date for 21 days from Branding Call
  • Step 3: Project Set-Up #

    • Canva Set-Up
      • Create Brand Kit for Client
        • Add Logo
        • Add Brand Colors
        • Create Folder
    • Make Client SM Calendar
      • Create SM Calendar by Adding a New Sheet to the Client’s Master Folder > Digital Marketing > Social Media Marketing Folder
      • Copy and Add Template for Plan tab and Template for Calendar Template Tab (Template)
      • Fill In Plan Tab
        • Add Links to Client PLan
          • Vendasta
          • Canva SM Templates
          • Client Website
          • Branding Folder
        • Hashtag Integration
          • Go to SEM Rush to research Hashtags and keywords for client
          • Add Hashtags to Client Plan
        • Organize Holiday List
          • Create a Link for the holiday list in the Plan
        • Create LinkTree (video)
      • Create SM 2 Week Sample Template
        • Social Media Post Templates
        • Video Template
        • Review Template
    • Send Sample SM Templates to Client for Review
      • Send Request to Client
      • Receive Client Approval and Events
    • First Month Launched


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