Monthly Meetings & Reporting

*Note combine all CSM protocols into one document when finished.


Monthly meetings should be scheduled for 45 mins with a 15 or 30 min window after each meeting to organize your notes.

Monthly client meetings are broken down into 4 categories.  30, 60, 90 days and monthly.  The first 90-120 is considered our build phase where we are launching each campaign.  Some campaigns launch within the first 30 and others launch throughout the 60, 90 and up to the 120 day marker.   Each meeting leading up to Month four will have a different agenda.  They are all designed to help keep the client focused on what we are doing now and what is to come.  Please note that meetings between these brackets of time may be required depending on situations such as, but not limited to; client delayed in providing access to properties, client is delayed on reviewing, client needs clarification or a better understanding of what is happening now or what’s to come.

Meeting agendas are managed on the clients teamwork (project management tool) master project under “Notebooks” which is available from the project menu.  There are 4 meeting templates representing 30, 60, 90 days and monthly meetings.  The 30, 60 & 90 meeting notebooks are ready for us and you simply add or edit the existing information relevant to the clients agenda for the upcoming meeting.  The monthly meeting, or “Meeting [mm.dd.yyyy] – *This is a template, make a copy” template is a template that you must copy before you use.  You will be using this template for each monthly meeting moving forward therefore you need to keep a template you can copy to use for future meetings.

Here are the 4 Meeting titles

  1. 30 Day Meeting [mm.dd.yyyy] *edit content and make this your actual 30 day meeting agenda

  2. 60 Day Meeting [mm.dd.yyyy] *edit content and make this your actual 60 day meeting agenda

  3. 90 Day Meeting [mm.dd.yyyy] *edit content and make this your actual 90 day meeting agenda

  4. Meeting [mm.dd.yyyy] – *This is a template, make a copy each time you have a monthly meeting

How to make a copy of a meeting notebook: How to video



Notes to add – if the meeting is going to be cut short due to a hard stop, please stop the meeting and share that with the client immediately.  Interrupt the client meeting and apologize for interrupting and say “I have a hard stop in x mins.  If our other team members can stay they can, but do you have any more questions specific to me, if you do let’s find another 30 mins where I can meet your needs.”  book them meeting right then and there.


best practices:  Be sure to minimize other applications with client information such as slack.


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