Client Off-boarding

Client Off-boarding #

When a client submits their cancellation notice start by following these steps:


Offboarding list template actions:

Official Off-boarding date #

  • Confirm the official offboarding date with the CSM assigned and or Mel. The official offboarding date will be 30 days after the last billing cycle (which is either the 1st or 16th).
  • Set the due date to match the official offboarding date (IE. April 15th, or April 30th).


  • Cancellation Confirmation (See below)

  • Proof of the cancellation
  • Receive proof of the cancellation notice and date from the recipient which could be from the CSM and Mel.  This is usually in the form of an email from said client. 
  • Download a copy of the email confirmation and add to the main client intake folders. 
  • Notify Managers on clients Slack Channel and Via an email notification using


  • Notify Managers via Slack and Email
  • Please be advised that “client XYZ” has terminated services. Their official end date will be “end date.” I will send a final confirmation notification on that date. Unless otherwise stated, please continue providing services up until the end date.


Schedule off-boarding Date on Your Primary Calendar #

  • Scheduling the off-boarding Date on your Primary Calendar will allow you to off-board on time and not forget the date. Oftentimes there are too many reminders in teamwork and due dates will go unnoticed.


Financial #

Confirm with Mel that the following are done.


Notify Mel via email 

  • Send an email to Mel and confirm that the following are done.


  • Mel must IMMEDIATELY check to see if the off boarding client is in Authorize RECURRING group. If so Mel must immediately cancel the recurring subscription in order to prevent any further charges from occurring, and this needs to be confirmed with Josh and Andy. The client may still be in the Authorize customer manager location and should be removed promptly, although not as urgent as the Recurring cancel above as no charges can be made except manually with the info in customer manager.


  • Quickbooks
  • Remove them from invoicing
  • Make inactive, unless there is a balance due


  • Commissions
  • Review and adjust commissions, if any


  • Billing Cycle Chart
  • The Billing Cycle Chart must also be revised to remove the off boarding client


Services #


  • Notify the Team
    • Managers Slack Channel – Send a message out using the managers slack channel. Have each Manager confirm.
  • Email – send an email notification out to Use this email template 



  • Content/branding
  • notify content/branding – please remove the teamwork project and any other assets related to the client within your service.


  • DLF/Facebook Ads
  • We are offboarding XXX client – Please remove the teamwork project and any other assets related to the client within your service


  • Google Local Service


Removed from:

1 Remove GBP descriptor 

remove GBP access

  1. remove from data providers
  2. Remove from Bright Local
  3. And any other asset. 


  • LSS and Organic SEO Service
  • Notify and confirm with amir that client has been removed


  • Newsletters
  • Remove Mailchimp account payment

    Message Template: 

We are offboarding XXX client – Please remove the teamwork project and any other assets related to the client within your service


  • PPC Service
    • Notify the team – please remove the retargeting/ppc from the client website and disengage the service, remove from teamwork projects and any other assets related within your service.
  • Retargeting – Have the PPC team stop billing and ensure retargeting has been turned off before you check this task off.

  • Reputation Marketing
    • Remove review widgets from website & download database, then delete account. Add database here and comment to the Account Manager sending the final email to the client.

      Message Template:

      We are offboarding XXX client – please remove the client from the dashboard and confirm that billing has stopped from review inc.
      Remove teamwork projects and any other assets related to this client within your
  • Download the database and add to client reputation marketing folder – notify CSM assigned
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Remove the facebook page from the facebook business dash board.

    Message Template:

    We are offboarding xxx clients – Please remove the teamwork project and any other assets related to the client within your service.
  • Website, Hosting, Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Have CSM to coordinate with the client with regards to the website access/files
  • Notify and confirm with amir that client has been removed


Applications Removal #


  • Callrail


If Callrail is under our account. Take the following steps:

  1. disable the sub account
  2. Ensure tracking number has been removed from Google Business Profile primary phone number location. If the auto swap is being used in Callrail, and it’s disabled, this should automatically reverses the swap. Check to ensure that is the case before checking off this task.


  • Reporting
  • Bright Local Verify this has been completed
  • Agency Analytics


  • Google My Business
  • Remove from WPP master account


  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • remove from Google Local Service master account (wpp@gmail and email)


  • Google Drive Account Master
  • Move Google Drive Account Master Folder to “Z. Dead files” Folder


  • Remove/delete slack channel
  • LFMP CRM (GHL and Sharp Spring) – update from customer to lead


Final Email – From the CSM #


  1. Client master login sheet 
  2. Reputation marketing (Top Rated Law Firm) private review database
  3. Send Email –


Teamwork Project & Company Removal #

  1. Achieve The project
  2. Delete the client


Update CSM Board View
– Move Client to Done once off-boarding is completed”


Heres the link to add to the task


Final Cancelation Notice (on the day of cancelation) #

  • Notify the team via Slack and Email. @managers

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