Law Firm Client Generation System (incomplete)

Law Firm Client Generation System

What it is, how it works and what you need to understand:

So as the calls and even analytics data shows increasing traffic over time, it would be attributable to LSS, new site (when applicable), blog posts, etc.

We need to really figure out how to stop the dissection of the client generation system into individual components. It’s hurting the clients in the end since as we all know there is so much inter-relation and halo effect. By them trying to drill down, when that’s our job, it creates a lot more work for us, we start chasing our tails, etc. and that further hurts the client’s results.

Bottom line should be either they are growing or they aren’t. If they are growing, what we are doing is working. Some things contribute more than others but that’s also dynamic.

There is also a value to “seen but not clicked” and “clicked but not called” activity. Seeing multiple listings for 1 firm on a search results page but clicking on just 1 doesn’t mean the other instances had zero value nor zero effect on the prospect clicking on whatever it was they did click on. Similarly, they can click over and not convert right away, maybe they then convert via retargeting ads that as we know have poor attribution as it is. The component that generated the initial awareness and/or click may not get credit.


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