GBP Categories SOP


The objective of this document is to ensure all relevant categories are applied to each Google Business Profile within our dashboard.  Law Firm Marketing Pros has identified 5 key areas on which to focus; please identify which area a specific client should be categorized under and use the categories indicated in the following table in the Google Business Profile.  


  1. In Step 1, visit the client’s Google Business Profile dashboard (see screenshot below).

Screen Shot 2023 03 26 at 6.57.19 PM

  1. Identify which category the client falls under (of the 5 key areas).  If a client does not fall within these key areas, notify your manager to determine the best fit.  Please note, the MAIN CATEGORY must be added to the “Primary Category”.  


  1. Utilize the following table when assigning categories (both Primary Category and Additional Categories):


View GBP Categories here


*Note, do not intermix Primary Categories with Additional Categories; it is critical to ensure the Primary Category illustrated in this table is added to the Primary Category within the GBP Dashboard, and the Additional Categories are assigned accordingly as well.  


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