Content Deadline Guide SOP

Purpose #

This document will provide other departments with an overview of the timeline that the content team needs in order to complete the tasks assigned to the writers.

Scope #

This applies to the department managers, CSMs & CSSs. This serves as a guide on the timeline needed in order for the content writers to complete the tasks assigned to them.

Definitions & acronyms #

  • DLF: Digital Lead Funnels
  • LSS: Local Search Supremacy
  • PPC: Pay-per-click
  • CSM: Client Success Managers
  • CSS: Client Success Support
  • GBP: Google Business Profile 

Deadline Guide #


  • Email Sequences11 business days
  • Webinars/Guides/Scripts (long-format lead magnets) – 12 business days
  • Quizzes – 6 business days
  • Landing Page Content – 6 business days


  • 3 business days per page

Video Spec Sheets #

  • 5 business days for titles, descriptions, and transcriptions

Social Media #

  • Proofreading ONLY –  5 business days

Webpages #

  • Writing #

10 business days from the date of order for the outside source to WRITE the copy (client does not need to know we use an outside source)

  • Internal Review #

4 business days for internal review for every 5 pages of content (contingent upon competing page orders and internal reviews already in process, first come, first served unless a RED ZONE client)

PPC Page Reviews #

  • 3 business days to complete


GBP Page Reviews  #

  • 3 business days to complete 


Step-by-step instructions #

Content Deadline Guide SOPDescribe the process in detail using flow charts and/or hierarchical checklists.

  • Step 1: Tasking out in teamwork.
    • Step 1.1: 
    • Step 1.2:
    • Step 1.3:
  • Step 2:

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