TRLF Training Call Guide



Introduce yourself if you have not already. 

Introduce Phoebe if she is on the call. 

Explain what Top Rated Law Firm Is:

A study from the Harvard Business School found that a one-star rating improvement for a business’s rating increased revenue from 5-9%. Similarly, your law firm’s success depends on its reputation. 88% of consumers report that they trust online reviews almost as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know in real life.

  • Manages both positive and negative reviews on your behalf.
  • Generates new customer reviews through an automated system.
  • Filters qualified leads.
  • Builds your firm’s online reputation by sharing your new reviews across multiple social media platforms.
  • Provides guidance and feedback with valuable data to help you determine your next steps in your marketing strategy.
  • Helps in managing your law practice, using a feedback loop.


Have the client confirm they have reviewed the Training Kit (attach training kits to the notebook)

If they have not, ask them to open up their Training Kit that way they can log in to the dashboard and follow along with the training call

Once they have logged review the dashboard

  • Have the client click “Default Reports” under the “How To Get Started Report” on the dashboard
  • Tell them that the dashboard is customizable. If there is a report that they do not want to see when they log in to the dashboard they can “unpin” the report. 
  • If they find that one report is more important than another report, they can highlight the report
  • We monitor reviews dating back to the first review your firm has ever received (they can see that given the data on some of the reports)
  • Go over the Campaign Funnel Report (discuss why important a fresh database on a monthly basis is important)
  • Ask their reply-to-email
  • Ask if they have any questions



Monitor—>OVERVIEW Reviews—>Competition

  • Confirm that the firms appearing on the competition tool are their competition
  • Set goals (discuss why important a fresh database on a monthly basis is important p2)
  • Ask if they have any questions


Review Flow Preview:

Collect—>Customize—> Review Flow Preview.

  • Go through the entire Campaign as if you were leaving a review. (which the content of the emails and pages is customizable)
  • Confirm how they will be sending out gift cards (if their campaign is incentivized – remind them that we do not handle the gift cards)
  • Show them the difference between the Positive Thank You Page & Email and Negative Thank You Page & Email  (basically what happens if someone leaves a negative review)
  • Show them the Follow Up Email
  • Show Them The Campaign Text
  • Ask if they have any questions


Private Feedback:

  • How to tell if a review went public using a firm’s account that is performing – ask phoebe which firm is performing the best
  • Social Sharing – Testimonial Tuesdays. Confirm which Testimonial Graphic we will be using (insert the link to review graphics)
  • Ask if they have approved the templated review replies for positive and negative reviews left on review sites (insert the link to google doc review replies)
  • Ask if they have any questions


Collect/Add Contacts:

  • Show them how to add a single contact, but remind them that they do not need to do this because we will be requesting a database once a month (discuss why important a fresh database on a monthly basis is important p3)
  • Ask if they have any questions




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