CRM Integration


Clients often use CRMs (Customer relationship management systems) to manage their clients and cases.  There are 100’s on the market but some of the most common are; Lawmatics, Zoho, or Clio..  


In some cases, clients may ask us to integrate their CRMs with thier websites and/or call tracking.  Oftentimes this request will occur during or after we launch their new website. 


ACTION: *see below for more information on the ticketing action.

How we handle it:  We will complete the integrations at no additional cost if it requires no customization (via our website support team).  Customizations would include actions such as, but not limited to, Zapier automations, custom coding or patches.  Ensure that when the client asks, you are transparent regarding the potential additional cost. 


Our process: We gather the name of the CRM, what they want to achieve and any additional request that may come along with this order. 




Client requests asked about integration.


Reply (Via Email): 


Hi XClientX,


We would be happy to assist you in integrating your CRM with your website.  Please note that we can typically integrate CRMs into our websites with no issue as long as there are no customization requirements such as Zapier automations, custom coding, patches or custom forms.  All CRMs are NOT equal, so because of this fact, they may require customization.  If this is the case, we will provide a quote. 


In order for us to begin the assessment, please provide the following:


Name of CRM:

Contact person name and email (some CRMs have reps):

Desired functionality:

Any additional information you feel we may require: 


Create a ticket with support:


  1. Go to “Template” and select “Client CRM Integration”.  The template should auto fill.  Please check to ensure it’s complete and add any additional information needed to the message/body.
  2. Add “Customer”.  Add the clients name and any additional customers such as their marketing person or CRM contact person who will be working with our team to facilitate this request.

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