Upsell Intake Process

Upsell Intake Process

Purpose #

Include a simple statement regarding why you are writing this document. It may also be helpful to describe the purpose of the subject matter in the SOP.

Scope #

This describes to whom or under what circumstances (or both) the document applies.

Procedures #

Note:  add a diagram to the top of your protocol.  Add screenshots and videos as needed to each step.  Remember, we need to act as if the person reading this does not know anything or very little about our processes.  This is a teaching tool, be very detailed, overly if necessary. 


Step-by-step instructions #

Describe the process in detail using flow charts and/or hierarchical checklists.

    • Salesperson fills out Intake form
      • salesperson records a brief loom with details about the client and deal
      • Salesperson places the link  to the loom will be placed in the Intake
    • Intake form is shared with Intake team (PJ/Andy)
    • Create TW Onboarding project
    • Andy drafts an note to include in the email notifying the team
      • Team gets notified on Slack
    • PJ downloads the Loom video that the salesperson shared in the Intake sheet
    • Uploads the video to the drive
    • PJ fills out the Intake section of the Master Sheet
      • Place link to the intake sheet 
        • Label it as Current or Old- if a previous intake sheet it still relevant keep it as “Current” along with the new sheet
      • Place link to the Sales Overview video

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