LFMP Content/Newsletter Protocol

LFMP Content/Newsletter Protocol

LFMP Client Master Project: https://wpplfmp.teamwork.com/#/projects/855968/tasks/list



The importance of this protocol is for the team members to know where to go if they have any ideas or topics for content/newsletter that are just for LFMP.


This applies to all team members who have any ideas or topics for an LFMP newsletter. And for the person who is assigned to process the task.

Definitions & Acronyms

  • Blog – a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style..
  • Newsletter – a written report, issued periodically, typically by a business, institution, or other organization, that presents information and news to people with a specific interest in the organization or subject


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Step-by-step instructions


  1. If Josh, Andy, Vince or any of the team members came up with a topic, email it to Law Firm Marketing Pros Client Success Manager (Christianna) and she will process it and get it back to review.
  2. Will task out content team in Teamwork under the appropriate type (Press Release, Newsletter, Blog, Etc) and will alert Daria.


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  1. Once a draft is done, will send it to Josh, Andy or Vince for final review.
  2. Once approved, notify the content team then the content team will task out the Graphic designer for the design. 
  3. Send it out to Sharpspring (for LFMP newsletters)
  4. Notify the social media team to post it.

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