Updating TW project and Service Tracker Milestones SOP

Updating TW project and Service Tracker Milestones SOP


  1. After Client Onboarding and Kick Off, we need to complete the following subtasks on TW Website Task:

Screen Shot 2023 03 26 at 10.44.16 PM


  • Confirm point of Contact for Web Management – We need to know the email address, contact number of the person who we can discuss the website .
  • Website Content Planner 
  • SiteMap
  • Fill in the website questionnaire with the client’s information saved in the google drive (Client Master Sheet, Branding Folder).


  1. Set up a 60 minute Discovery Call with the client (Sample Email Template)


Subject: Client Name : 60-minute meeting for Website Discovery Call


Hello (Client Name),


Hope you are doing well. 


We want to set up a 60-minute meeting with you to discuss your requirements and preferences for your Website Design. Please feel free to give us your idea of website preferences during our meeting. Our SEO Strategy Manager, John Rustemian, will be at the meeting. 


Kindly book your availability with the link https://calendly.com/john-1536


We are looking forward to hearing from you. 


Have a great week ahead!


Best Regards, 

Your name


  • After call has been completed: Create Team Work Project using TW Website Development Template.


Important Note: Always set a reminder to Weekly Update on Website Development Service Tracker. Scheduled Every Monday and Friday of the week. 

Milestones Status:

  • Kick- Off
  • Build Phase
  • Launched


Here  is Andy’s Loom Video on How to move client to Launched section (just drag and drop!)

  1. Remove completed discovery call- related tasks from kickoff list
  2. Update TW Milestones


Website Development Service Tracker


Link to Spreadsheet


Projected Launch Date

Actual Launch Date


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