Slack Contact Slack (Red, Yellow, Green) SOP

Purpose #

Contact codes’s main purpose is to separate and be organized while communicating or requesting anything from your team members. Using contact color code is one of the most effective ways to save time, identify what is urgent from what is not, and be more productive.So when we request items we can mark them and be clear.

Scope #

This applies to all team members communicating in slack channels. It will identify how urgent the information or request is needed.

Procedures #

slack procedures

Step-by-step instructions #

  • Step 1: Type your message or request in slack
  • Step 2: Put a colored dot/circle at the very beginning of your message.
    Slack Step By Step Instructions

    • Step 2.1: In order to do that, click the emoji icon on your slack.
      slack emoji icon instruction
    • Step 2.2: Type red/yellow/green on the search bar and click the colored circle emoji.
      slack icons list instruction
  • Step 3: Send your message.
    slack icons with message instruction


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